In the heart of the province of Treviso, at the foot of the hills of Asolo and the Montello, the area of Prosecco wine, Cantina Montelliana is a cooperative of associated growers, producing high quality Italian white wine and red wine, using traditional methods and modern equipment, with the highest available technologies and the utmost attention to every production step.

Cantina Montelliana uses modern equipment and advanced technology, which ensure quality, hygiene and safety throughout the production process of the Prosecco wine and other wines. At the same time, it uses more traditional methods, which are always reliable, the result of past experiences and closely linked to the history and culture of winemaking in this area.

An attentive look at the past and the use of the best technologies offered by the market for the wine industry today allow Cantina Montelliana to treat each process with extreme and constant attention and to approach this land and its fruits with respect obtaining excellent wines, like the red and white wines, the Prosecco or the sparkling wines, all available to taste at our store inside the cellar.

Italian red wines and white wines are produced by using selected grapes which are chosen for their high quality. Grapes growing in the vineyards of this extraordinary land between the hills and the plains, which have organoleptic characteristics unique and unparalleled, thanks to the favorable balance between the climate and the soil of this area.

Cantina Montelliana's vineyards are located on the hills of Montello and the Hills of Asolo, as well as the areas on either side of the river Piave: more than 600 hectares of vines, marked by a peculiar soil and climatic conditions, ideal for growing high quality grapes.

Between Monte Grappa and the Piave river, this area extends itself through rolling green hills with vineyards and woods where red Italian wine and white Italian wine traditions have been handed down from father to son.

Cantina Montelliana operates in compliance with the territory and enhancing its beauty and its products. An example of excellence in the field of viticulture in Italy.

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